Pearls No Category Name

Pearl beads add a sophisticated touch to your creative designs. Find a wide selection of white and colored pearl beads at Fire Mountain Gems and Beads alongside all the tools you need for your designs.

White and Colored Pearl Beads

Browse White Lotus cultured freshwater pearl beads in round, semi-round, rice, teardrop and more shapes. You’ll also find dyed pearl beads in a rainbow of colors, including gold, purple, blue, dark gray and iridescent peacock. Can’t decide on just one shade? Choose pearl bead assortments of pastel or jewel tones for a variety of hues on a single strand.

Silk Thread, Knotting Tools and More

Tie up your gorgeous work with high-quality silk thread in a range of colors, knotting tools, reamers and needles from our collection. Check out our tutorials on knot-tying, DIY pearl bead dying and other fun endeavors produced by Fire Mountain pros to make the most of your pearly purchases.

Pearl Bead Necklaces and Other Finished Jewelry

Amplify your personal jewelry wardrobe or get inspired with our selections of finished pearl bead necklaces, earrings and other jewelry for sale. From classic pearl stud earrings and double-strand pearl bead necklaces to modern stretchy bracelets and unique pearl rings, you’ll find fabulous gifts for any occasion in this collection.