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Polymer clay brings a world of possibilities to your design board. Shop the top brands including Sculpey Premo, Fimo, Kato Polyclay and more.

Types of Polymer Clay

We carry various brands of polymer clay, including Sculpey®, Cernit® and others. Browse a rainbow of colors in solid and liquid forms that remain malleable until you heat-treat them. These user-friendly polymer clay options allow nearly endless opportunities for creativity.

Inspiring Ideas for Making Polymer Clay Jewelry

Once it’s been baked, polymer clay is lightweight and resilient. That means you can make polymer clay earrings and necklaces with large focal pieces without worrying about them being too heavy. Browse our how-to videos for quick assistance as you craft your own polymer clay jewelry.

Tools, Accessories and Pre-Made Polymer Clay Beads

From shaping and detailing tools to gold leaf embellishments and other artist supplies, we carry tons of products to enhance and finish your polymer clay creations. Find mountings and settings, sealants and adhesives, glazes and brushes, gemstones to add to your polymer clay jewelry and more. We also carry an array of pre-made polymer clay beads, jewelry and gifts to delight recipients for any occasion.